Fitness Coach in Avondale, AZ

If you’re looking to get in shape, improve your fitness or transform your body, the worst thing you can do is walk into any old gym and ask for a personal trainer in Avondale, AZ. What you need is a true fitness coach who understands your goals and has access to the equipment, tools and knowledge to tailor them into a plan specific to you.

HybridFit Club is home to some of the best fitness coaches in Avondale, AZ! Over the past 20 years, our coaches have compiled methods of training from the best in the business, creating the philosophies our clients have seen amazing results from. Whether you’re getting into bodybuilding, conditioning for your sport or building strength, we offer comprehensive training for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, with programs for all walks of life. We specialize in:

  • General fitness:
    We’ll work with you to develop and build muscle and strength, lose weight, condition your body, rehabilitate after an injury and learn more about the right way to tone and train your body.
  • Physical training:
    Improve your speed, endurance, agility, strength, toning and dexterity with an individualized plan created by our coaches. Whether you play a sport or are training for wellness, we’ll help your body deliver peak performance.
  • Sports conditioning:
    We focus on training fundamentals, to help improve sport performance and lessen the risk of injury. We teach healthy warm-up routines, form and technique refinement, weightlifting and much more for a variety of sports.
  • Lifestyle coaching:
    Not sure where to begin when it comes to your wellness? We’re here to help. We’ll teach you about your body and help you set goals for wellness and athletics, then reach them with the right exercise regimen.
  • Fitness and figure competition preparation:
    Our coaches train bodybuilders, swimsuit models, weightlifters and anyone else taking part in physical fitness and figure competitions.
Full Conditioning

Our Equipment

We use state-of-the-art training equipment, including the Torpedo: A combination barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell. We also utilize the Inertia Wave, which works your core instead of your arms like a traditional rope exercise. Some of the other staples you’ll find in our facilities include medicine balls, suspension training equipment, power racks, K boxes and sleds.

Packages & Pricing

HybridFit Personalized Programming

Custom training and nutrition, designed specifically for you. Training and nutrition change every 3-6 weeks. You’ll also get full access to all classes.

HyBridFit Sweat and Strength

Membership costs based on specialized classes. Members have access to 8, 12, 16 or Unlimited classes per month.

8 Classes: $175/month
12 Classes: $228/month
16 Classes: $249/month

HybridFit Strength and Conditioning Club

We design programs for all sports! Each athlete receives programming related to their sport, position and season. Nutrition and recovery are also included. We have current athletes playing collegiate or professional baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, softball, swimming and water polo!

HybridFit Personal Training

Traditional 1-on-1 personal training sessions, purchased in 8, 12, 16 or 20 block packages. Training packages are good for 1 month from time of purchase.
Cost varies

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Ready to unlock a new level of physical fitness and personal wellbeing? HybridFit Club is ready to help, with workout plans and personal training packages that are right for you. We have team or individual training available. Visit one of our convenient locations today or give us a call at 480-400-9533 to inquire about pricing or packages.

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