Athletic Trainer in Avondale, AZ

Despite the many athletic training programs and coaches out there, there’s a lack of focused quality when it comes to recognizing individual player needs. While it’s true every player needs to learn a good warm-up and the fundamentals, it’s important to shift focus to each unique athlete—helping them improve areas where they’re lacking and hone areas where they excel.

HybridFit Club employs some of the best athletic trainers in Avondale, AZ and emphasizes a totally unique, athlete-focused training approach, to help you get better at your sport. We offer strength and conditioning dedicated to sports performance, as well as sport-specific training for a variety of athletes:

  • Baseball/Softball training
  • Basketball training
  • Football training
  • Weightlifting

Sports Performance

We specifically focus on baseball and softball training in Avondale, AZ. Our men’s baseball and women’s softball programs teach players how to properly warm-up, train seasonally, manage their nutrition, rest and recover better, enhance their mobility and improve their strength. Some of our focuses include:

  • Performance enhancement: We help you improve your body’s performance through precision conditioning and training, so you respond with peak athleticism when you step up to the plate or take the field.
  • Teaching healthy warm-up techniques: A good warm-up is essential for a great game. We help you learn to get limber and alert, so you can perform at an all-star level when the time comes.
  • Form and technique coaching and refining: Everything goes back to the fundamentals. Let us help you brush up and master them, so you can build your other skills on top of a rock-solid foundation.

From formal lessons to cage time, weightlifting to cardio, we’re with you every step of the way in improving your game. And, we do it all in the largest baseball training facility in Arizona, at just over 45,000 sq./ft.!

speed training

Packages & Pricing

HybridFit Baseball Club

(D-BAT members only) A strength and conditioning program designed for 3 levels of experience—beginners, intermediate and advanced. Athletes come into the gym at specified hours and complete a training session based on their assessed level. All ages welcome! There will always be a coach on the floor for guidance and instruction

HybridFit Pitchers Lab

This is a highly specialized program designed for pitching development. This program consists of strength building, conditioning, mechanical breakdowns, recovery, learning pitch sequence, mental aspects of pitching, nutrition and analytical assessments. All pitchers have 7-day-a-week access to the gym, as well as 3-times-a-week meeting as a group. There will be guest coaches who are either coaching or playing professionally. Velocity increases guaranteed! There is no program in the Valley like this!

HybridFit Barbell and Baseball

This unique program incorporates bot strength and D-Bat lessons (hitting/pitching/defensive). Each player gets 3 training sessions per week, with 1 or 2 lessons a week. They can be scheduled the same or different days.
Cost varies

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Ready to add some zip to your pitch or get that extra dexterity to swing for the fences? Sign up with HybridFit Club today and get an individualized athletic training regimen, customized for your sport, delivered by a veteran coach! Contact us today at 480-400-9533 for more information.

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